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    I’m familiar with WordPress and need to develop a site that will do the following, and I just don’t know if WordPress can handle this. I’m wondering if perhaps there are some modules/extensions that can handle the following tasks. Essentially this would be a blog-like site with some database searching facility. This is a travel site wherein users can:

    1) post photos of their travels;

    2) make comments only on approved categories within countries. For example, someone would like to comment on a restaurant in Albania — they would need to click on the Albania link and be brought to the Albania page wherein they could make a comment under the “food” blog category. Also on this page would be “housing” category, “museum” category, etc. but this particular user would only choose “food” because they are making a comment on food.

    3) The same user travels to Hong Kong next week and would like to comment on a “museum” there. So, again navigate to “Hong Kong” country, then only have limited categories to choose from there, i.e, food, housing, museums, bars, and this user would choose to make a comment on a “museum” there so would be able to choose the “museum” category.

    4) A user can have a “timeline” (I don’t know what else to call it) where they post a calendar or something like that which shows their travel itinerary.

    5) Each country would have it’s own “entry” or “landing” page which can be customized with advertising.

    6) Each subcategory within each country can be tailored for specific advertising.

    Can WordPress do this easily?

    The cream on the cake, though, is I would like people to be able to search for other travelers itineraries and be able to cross-reference it with their own itinerary to see if they will be in the same cities/countries at the same time. That’s where the “timeline” feature comes in… admittedly a little advanced but I’ve always been impressed with WordPress so maybe this can be done, too?

    Thanks in advance for any pointers.

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