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  1. Apokalupsis
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I'm brand new to WP. I'm an experienced vBulletin owner/admin. That being said:

    I'm looking to create a gaming community website. I already have the compatible forum (XenForo) with login integration between both platforms. But I'm wanting to use WP as a CMS, and I'm just not sure that it can be (or will at least, meet my expectations).

    Specifically, I'm wanting to:

    1) Have an image gallery (screenshots of in game)
    2) Have a video gallery (probably hosted on YouTube, but embedded in the video section to be used with text explaining the videos).
    3) Have different types of articles (eg strategy, unit information, board information, etc...) that can be written by different usergroups (contributors or authors) - they would be a part of the staff.
    4) Have Tutorial section.
    5) Interactive "fun things" (flash games for example).
    6) Considering, but don't need to have: chat room/box, instant messaging (as I understand it, WP has this??), review system, potential other goodies, depends upon plugins available for a community based site.

    I'm pretty sure that WP can meet most of these needs...but my real concern is the article system. I don't want it to be just a "blog". The articles will vary. They will be tutorials, FAQ's, strategies, etc... and they need to be in different areas of the site (link to Tuts, link to FAQ area, link to articles about strategy, etc...).

    Now, normally I realize that Joomla is the way to go because it was designed for this type of thing. But I'm new to Joomla as well. I've been trying to decide between the two, I don't have any strong inclinations of one over the other. What I've read though is that WP may be able to do these things, and WP is definitely faster, cleaner and simpler to use. So if it can meet my needs, then I'd prefer WP over Joomla.

    I just don't know if it can do all that.

  2. Don't bump please (I deleted it). It's doesn't help, as we actually look FOR posts without replies!

    You can do that with WordPress, though there will be some trial/error finding the right plugins for you.

    BuddyPress would be where I would start.

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