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  1. perfectionisboring
    Posted 12 years ago #

    I have a music site at http://www.radiantrock.com. I am thinking about moving it to WP to make it easier to update (now it is straight html with no cms). Is it possible with WP to have it look similar on the main page with a cd review and image, title, etc. And below have some of the recent reviews with only the cover art and cd title/artist name. How would I go about setting it up so that the most recent review is displayed at the top and the most recent 5-6 are displayed below something similar to radiantrock.com is now?

  2. Beel
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Don't know why not, check out:

  3. maadmob
    Posted 12 years ago #

    I have a new book review site that does similar things:
    It would take some work with the style sheet and template to duplicate exactly what you have, but you could get pretty close.
    To have just the first entry with the review, I'd use a custom field for the first entry (I use custom fields in my site for author name, other reviews and quotes). Email me if you have Qs: donna at maadmob dot net

  4. perfectionisboring
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Thanks for the great ideas, I will keep messing with it and see what happens.

  5. davidchait
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Pretty easy to do. If you scope out all the 'main page types' of the site, shouldn't be hard.
    If the 'front page' is the only page with the 'latest review plus recent covers' layout, not a big problem.
    And, it really isn't an issue of CSS. More an issue of how you want to organize index.php. You can have index.php show only the 'latest' entry (set per-page to one), then use custom code to show the album art/title from the last n reviews yourself. Or, have the site set up to show n+1 posts per page, but then only show large pic and excerpt for the first, then custom-layout for the rest.
    I use my CG-Inline plugin to insert graphics in posts, and a custom processing step 'extracts' the pix on the homepage. Possible you'll want to use something like that, or one of the image gallery systems, to manage large+thumbnail images (if I were doing a site like that, I'd likely depend on someone like Amazon for images, making it easy to just embed the ID of the album and pull up whatever size image is needed for a given post's layout...).
    Drop a line if you need suggestions/help.

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