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  • Hi,

    I am trying to help the owner of this WP site do image mouseovers like his old site , so far with no success.

    Neither of us know much HTML but if there is a way to do this it would be really helpful for a site like this as you can see from the example. I have tried pasting this XHTML code (which works fine outside of WP) into the page content code window but it doesn’t work –

    I’ve looked around the Codex for information about inputing code but ended up tied in knots (several times), so I hope I haven’t missed something obvious.

    Can WP do image mouseovers?

    Thank you!


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  • If it is an effect you would like to use for just one post you could easily use a plugin like INLINE JS or similar so you could add inline javascript code to your post.

    Thanks Deuced.

    I have just discovered that Javascript is not allowed for security reasons as it can be exploited for malicious purposes ( ). I would have thought the same applies to JS enabling plugins so I’m a bit surprised to see there is one available for WP. Either way, now I know about the security implications I should probably avoid JS on WP even if it is possible.

    Apart from that I don’t appear to have a tab for plugins on my free WP blog account, so I can’t test it myself, perhaps they are only available for the full WP installation.

    I hope there is some other way to do this…





    apple and oranges.

    blogs on and self-hosted wordpress blogs

    blogs hosted on dont have a plugins tab because you cannot upload your own plugins. plugins as they are described on THESE forums are made for self-hosted blogs.

    Questions about blogs hosted on are better asked and answered over on their own forums, and this thread is a good reason why 🙂

    Thanks for putting me straight Whooami 🙂

    However the site I am trying to get this to work on eventually is a self-hosted blog, so perhaps the XHTML code (which I know works) will work ok there with the INLINE JS plugin…

    – so thanks again Deuced, I can see now that the comments about JS vulnerability were obviously only relevant to


    One other thing is that Inline JS is useful when you need a piece of code once in your post. But if you want to use the same code anywhere else in your template you ‘d better put it in the header and call it when you need it.

    More info here.

    Thanks Deuced, if I understand the way the site is set up it gets used just once, if not I’ll do that.


    Hope this isn’t OT, but is your “image mouseover” anything like an “image map” wherein moving the mouse over different parts of an image and clicking loads another uri?

    Just curious, and lurking around the forum for info on image-mapping.

    Well I guess its similar except there’s no clicking, eg. , if you position the mouse over the image a new one appears.


    Similar but no cigar. Moving the mouse over different parts of an image(map) brings up different urls when one clicks the mouse button. If for example you had a map of the U.S., clicking over various states would link to something to do with that state.

    I’ll keep lookin’.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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