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  • Could WordPress be turned into a blog where users can post entries and not just the admin?

    Perhaps something like Digg/Slashdot?

    My concept is that admins can create categories and control the site, but the users can post entries and comment/rate on user-posted entries.

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  • I think most of your question are answered here: User_Levels – but if you have more questions, post back 🙂

    I don’t have WP, yet, but is it possible to make it so every registered person is level 2, but they don’t have the ability to moderate? I don’t want the every user that signs up to basically be a weak moderator.

    It is up to you what level do you assign to your users. In WP 1.5.x the default for every registered user is – 0 (zero).

    Someone told me about WordPress Multiuser as a community blog. What’s Multiuser and how’s it work? Will I really need it?

    In MU every user has his/her own blog.
    But don’t ask questions about it here because we don’t know anything about it.
    For what you’ve described above, you don’t need that.

    WPMU allows for everyone to have their own blog, vs WP which is a single blog. To check out a working version of WPMU, see

    Alright, thanks, I’ll download WordPress and play with it. If I have any problems coverting WordPress into a community blog, I’ll let you guys know.

    Is it possible to allow users to post, but not have the other options? I made an account to test WP on my server, and a regular user can manage other user’s posts.

    Perhaps this will shed more light

    I can’t find out how to disable the management options for users that are level 2. Level 2 is the lowest level for registered users to post, but I don’t want them to see any other option except for “Users” and “Write”.

    I’ve got a blog where the users are all level 1. They can all post, no problem, but edit no one else….

    Well, I’ve never worked with mulitiple authors/users, so I’m at the end of my knowledge. I will say, that there was a recent beta release, and let me emphasis BETA the whole user level issue will change. If you are simply testing it out, and not looking to start a full fledge blog, you may want to look at those features.

    How did you achieve this?
    Right now, I have everyone on Level 2, but I’d like them to be Level 1, plus the ability to post. Level only allows drafts.

    You access this through /wp-admin/users/authors & users tab. Using the “minus” next to each user’s level designator, reduce each user to “1”.

    Create a test user of your own, set it to “1”, then login as that user. You can “view” posts in the manage screen, but not “edit” them.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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