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  • I have been testing WordPress and have been very pleased. I have a menu system across the top of my page and put an inline frame below it that I call the WordPress index.php from. All works well except when you try to log in the login window loops. You enter your password and the screen refreshes waiting for a password again. When connecting directly to the WordPress index.php file there is no problem with this. Only when it is in the inline frame.

    I searched on “horizontal menu� here in the wiki and on google, but found nothing to help. I apologize, I am ok with html but am new to all this and still “learning how to fish�

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  • Yes it can. Check out information on The Loop. Also there is a thread here where Podz is helping someone with a similar issue.

    Thanks for the direction NuclearMoose, I am going to dig into it in the morning and appreciate the quick response. We wanted to restrict who could post, but this was not the method (not able to log on) I wanted to use!

    By the way the site is working at where WP is in a inline frame inside index.html The problem is when trying to login or register it starts a loop (see first post). (Running 1.2.2 WordPress)

    Back at it now. I went to it looks like the end user gave up.
    The last advice Podz gave made it look easy, I made a file called index.php
    In it follows;
    /* Don’t remove this line. */
    /* Don’t remove this line. */
    Where menuframe.php is my html and java file, go to to see it. And, /blog/wp-blog-header.php is the WP file and where I installed them.

    When I go to the screen is blank. I am ok with HTML stuff but very new to php but I am having a lot of fun learning.

    I went to The Loop, but that looked like it was giving the instructions to have WordPress first and my site content second.

    I could go live with the inline frame and send users to\blog to sign up and post, but I am afraid that they will start sending that link around and no one will see the rest of the site. Plus with my limited knowledge of this I also think that this inline frame will not work well with the search engines.

    Thanks in advance.

    I too have the same problem.

    The answers given don’t seem to help me or you! Did you get any success Steve?

    For information:
    I need to get frames running because my ISP hosts my php on a different server to html pages. My domain names can only point to the webserver, but I want all the facilities of php on the site, so putting it in a frame seems to be the way to get round this.

    Hi Andy C!

    I actualy would like to get it to run outside of the frame, but I have not been succesfull. I will get back to that.

    I have it running in a inline frame, you can see it at if you take a look at the code, it is a html/css running a jave menu, followed by a inline frame at the bottom. (just above a footer also part of the menu css file) It works fine, displaying in the frame, we have had several hits and comments over the weekend (we went live friday night). One issue was how it looked in FireFox, I think I solved that issue changing the width from a percentage to a set pixel amount. I have not checked the FireFox issue yet.

    The real problem running in the frame is that the “register” menu and “login” menu loop. You can never register or login. You can connect to our site and try this yourself. Without a fix for that, I am looking to a workaround. We end up calling it a “feature” normal users can only comment (that does work feel free to try it, we moderate them all for now). but they can not register or login.

    I am going to make a login menu that will present our contributors (limited to inividuals “in country”) with the wp-register.php and the wp-login selection. This will work around this issue that I can not solve. Unless I end up creating more problems than I solve!

    I did write, with the help of a user at FutureQuest (our site provider) a php file to put the menu system on top of the WordPress Blog. (see failed attempts at code in previos posts from me.

    This works;
    ?> ‘
    However, the styles from the first file menuframe.php, are applied to the index.php of the blog. To see this go to\mash.php The name explains the result!

    I just read another post, and it makes me think that I may be able to use “the loop” to do what I want, I need to spend more time on it.

    By the way, now that we are in production, I like WP even more, people have left comments and with WordPress, I can tell what part of the world they are in it has a auto IP function! What a great feature, I caught a aol user that said they were in another country, they were actually in the US!

    I hope I helped, others here have been very helpful to me so far.


    The link for the php style demo is It does not work in the above post, I put in a \ instead of a /

    🙁 opps

    Hi Steve
    I didn’t explain myself very well. I really do have exactly the same problem as you. When I run the site directly wthout running within a frame I can login ok, but when it sits in a frame, the login fails – exactly as you describe.

    Is it something to do with filename given to the cookie differing – i.e when it is called direct the filename is wp-login.php, but from the frame it appears to be index.htm, because the parent file is index.htm?


    I did make a workaround with a inline frame for register, it will not work for login.\register.html to test it, however, if the user trys to login after they register, it will start looping, back to the empty login screen. My workaround is to send my contributors to\in_iraq.html when they click on register, or login, it points to the wp-register.php and the wp-login.php file respectivly.

    This will not work for you as you indicated that you can not run php direct with your provider and you MUST be in a inline frame.
    We are down to the fact that the wp-login.php file can not run in a inline frame without looping. Unless someone else has an idea.
    Send me an email, I will keep you up to date if I find anything else out on this. I am working on merging the css from my menu system and the WordPress code, with the help of another developer on our hosting system. That will not solve your problem but changing hosting systems may. email me at seyoung at imageability dot net


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