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  • Hi

    Am a graphic designer looking for an easy to use CMS with limited HTML Knowledge. What I would like to do is create a site with categories eg, you favourite jokes – where web visitors can input their favourite jokes. Is this something that can be done with wordpress?

    Many thanks

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  • Yes and No.
    WP can be used as a CMS but needs some additional work. Even with limited html knowledge you can use it – unless you want to make major modifications to theme. (Themes are the external ‘clothing’ of WP.)
    On the other hand WP is not the ideal tool for “submitting” content: visitors can post comments (as you can see on many blogs) or you can give them access to the admin panel to submit an article (joke) – which is not the best solution for security reasons.

    Many thanks for your prompt response

    You can have a registered user be a contributor, meaning the joke they submit needs to be approved before it becomes visible. You’re not leaving the door open the whole way.

    “You can have a registered user be a contributor”

    Does this mean that you can automatically assign each registered user as a contributor if you wish? Does this mean you still have the option to accept/reject content.

    Thanks for your help

    Yes, it means that.

    You can set what level new users are automatically assigned. Make sure it’s set for ‘Contributor’. Test a user at that level, but as I recall, their posts need to be approved/published before they show up.

    Furthermore, if you want to customize the registered users’ roles – you can use the Role Manager plugin:

    Sorry, when I said “not ideal for submitting content” I meant there is no front-end submitting facility in WP, you have to let them into the admin panel for that. I should have made clear that many users feel uncomfortable about this and probably having that in mind I posted what I posted.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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