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  • I am looking into starting up a blog/website for a tax-exempt non-profit I’m thinking of starting and am wondering if WordPress can do the following six features. Links to where WordPress talks about them would be appreciated.

    1) Homepage has a side box where a color photograph of a person, their name given underneath the photo, born/death dates, and a link to their biography is given. This box changes every fifteen seconds. On the another webpage, those that would like to add a person to the box can fill out a form to create one for it and its biography webpage. The box will have different frames (gold, silver, and green) that will correlate to the different donor levels of members.

    2) Different donor charts. Like the portrait box in #1, this is a separate box on the homepage which shows different lists of donors by their different categories, donor level, donations given, etc. The box rotates the charts every fifteen seconds and shows the top 7 or 10 on the list with a link to the full list on another webpage. I’d like to automate this so as the donors join and donations come it, these charts are automatically updated. I would also like a form whereby I could create new charts.

    3) Two thermometer charts that show how much money has been currently raised for two different projects. These two charts would be on the homepage. I’d like this automated so as the donations come it, these charts are automatically updated.

    4) A video blog that has a small form where people who would like to subscribe to the video blog can enter their email address. Doing so will send them an automated email when the next video blog is posted with a link, which when clicked on will take them to the webpage where that video blog is located. When they subscribe, the system sends a verification email wherein there’s a link for them to verify that they want to be subscribed to the video blog.

    5) Forums. A group of forums that are open to public viewing and another group restricted to donors.

    6) A way for people to donate. Both single amount and for automated monthly deductions from their credit or debit card.

    Lastly, saying all the above is possible with WordPress, I am not a computer programmer so I also wonder how difficult creating the above will be in WordPress. Can I create such myself or should I hire a professional? If I should hire a pro, where would it be best to post such job? On these forums or some place like,, or such? And what would be a reasonable amount for such a job to cost?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • tigtog


    Briefly, all the things you want should be possible with a WordPress/BuddyPress integrated install (possibly pulling content from some other non WP/BP databases), but it will require quite a bit of custom coding – few of the features you want are available as commonly used Templates or Plugins.

    I think you will have to look to a professional – some of the stuff you’ve got there that you might think is rather simple is actually going to be really complicated “under the hood”.

    Others will have better ideas of where you should look for such professionals. I build WordPress websites for a living, but the custom code for a couple of those features is well beyond me.

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