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  • What’s the best way to set up repeating sections on a single page in WordPress? Eg, let’s say you have a list of books on a page and each book listing has to have the following info:
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    I want content managers to be prompted to populate each content item for each book. The books would all be listed on one page. What’s the best way to set this up?

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  • The Pods CMS Framework plugin will let you define a custom record type containing the fields you described.

    You can create a form for viewers to complete to populate the records, and a template to display all (or a set number) of books per page.

    Thanks – that looks fantastic. I love WordPress and Pods looks great – so this is not a criticism of either – but I do wonder if I should be looking at another CMS if it’s so complicated to set this up in WordPress. I would say this type of custom record type is a fairly basic requirement for a proper CMS and maybe WordPress is still a long way from being a “proper” CMS.

    I’d suggest you go against your first instinct and move forward with WordPress, also I suggest using Advanced Custom Fields if you want to keep things simple. WP is a proper CMS because of it’s vast plugin ecosystem, not because of every feature it includes in itself. It has lots of valuable features (see WP 3.5, it’s awesome), but if it had every feature you’d want, the rest of the world would cry in pain because they don’t want all of it. Keeping things modular like things are now is a benefit of the structure built around WP, I’m glad it’s that way.

    Thanks Scott – I really do want to stick with my plan to use WordPress for so many reasons – including the ones you mention. It just seems that this particular aspect should be part of the core functionality. I’m not mad about relying on a free plugin that may disappear one day or become out of date and no longer be supported.

    On the other hand I do love the fact that it’s got a huge community and loads of useful plugins.

    Good point about the plugin disappearing one day, it’s tough to know when or if a plugin author will ever call it quits, but it does happen.

    Try checking out this comparison @logikal16 and I put together along with help from the community and other plugin authors, this may help you decide what plugin would be right for you:

    Wow – that’s really useful. Thanks!

    No problem, exactly what it’s meant for!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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