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  • Hi,
    I am thinking to create a real estate website where for people to sale their own properties. I wondering WP is a good choice for this project?

    In my opinion, I want every sign-up member as an Author, which has the capabilities to post,edit their property. I don’t want it to become wp multisite network,it seem really hard to manage, though I haven’t tried using it.

    I want to make it simple – all I want is a user registered as member and he/she has the capability to create a post, and That’s all.

    The problem bother me is how can I manage the members? Do you think assign every member become an Author is to complicated? What if my site have very huge number of member in the future, do you think WP capable to handle it?

    Suggestions and advices are welcome.

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    Yes, you can do that in WordPress. Other people have.

    Ipstenu, you mean other people also using author as members?


    You might want to take a look at my plugin Paid Memberships Pro, which adds some user management features to WordPress, including charging for “membership”.

    And here is some code for a “pay per post” model with PMPro that might help you get started on how to limit author’s postings.

    Not sure if this is related, but it looks like someone else is looking to do something similar. I just posted a reply here:

    Good luck.

    You plugin seem so awesome. Look like what I am looking for. However, I still not sure how the member level work. The member level is overide the wp role capabilities? You see, my intention is to create a membership real estate site. It might have some real estate company want to post thier listing here, am I able to categories those agents into company category? For example:

    Agent Company A:
    Agent A 1
    Agent A 2
    Agent A 3

    Agent Company B:
    Agent B 1
    Agent B 2
    Agent B 3

    Agent Company C:
    Agent C 1
    Agent C 2
    Agent C 3


    The member level only controls if a user can view a certain post or post category. Out of the box, it does not override the wp role capabilities. You can use a plugin like Role Scoper to control user permissions.

    And you can add code through the pmpro_after_change_membership_level hook in PMPro to change someone’s role when their membership level changes.

    I don’t quite understand your Company “categories”. Grouping users could be done a number of ways depending on what you’re trying to do and how many companies you plan to have, etc.

    I can’t solve your specific project here, but if you have budget you can get support at



    I’m interested in the same thing. Setting up a real estate site that paid users can sign in and list their properties. My question is, I want them to be able to upload photos as well. Is there a way they can upload their photos without seeing all the photos from everyone’s uploads? Like on my own site, I have 18 pages of photos. I’d rather the members not see all the photos, only their own.
    Please advise what plugins I’d need to accomplish this.



    I’ve done something like this in the past.

    You can show the media uploader on the front end of the site as part of the property adding process and you can filter certain elements of the media manager to not show. So you can hide the gallery tab, you can restrict file types, you can even hide additional media data you don’t need property owners to see.

    Here is a gist with some ideas:

    The last time I did this I used WP e-commerce to deal with the listing/management of products, discount codes and orders and then on the checkout success I implemented my own logic to translate purchases into a new post (custom post type ‘properties’) and then created an interface on the front end for users to enter property info and click a link to show the restricted media upload panel. Customers/contributors can then save it as a draft, preview it or publish it once they are happy and then it’s live on the site.

    Then I also had to add the facility to log in on the front end and manage a list of their properties. The site owner could mark a customer/contributor as an agent which would allow agents to add properties without going through the payment process.

    Customers never went into the usual WordPress admin. If a contributor ever tried to access an admin page directly they would get redirected back to the front end ‘manage your properties’ section.

    I had a call only a couple of days back to say someone wants to go ahead with a site very similar to this that I pitched for before Christmas, I’m just waiting for the deposit invoice to be paid before I think about making a start on it.

    I’ve learnt a lot since creating the first couple of WordPress property sites. So this one is going to be a big move forward.

    The one tip I will give if you’re making a site like this for the UK market is make sure your data structure is compatible with the Rightmove V3 ADF specifications. It’s pretty much industry standard and will stand you in better stead should you want to feed your property info to other property sites such as Rightmove.

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