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  • A filtered news feed?

    I’m in the process of planning a site where registered users have a news feed as the front page. This news feed isn’t dissimilar to Facebook’s news feed, where topics or items viewed more often or “liked” are displayed with more regularity, and other topics or items can be opted out of, or if not read often will be relegated.

    I understand that this requires heavy modification, which I am prepared to do, however I was wondering whether wordpress would be a good base on which to build such a site, and if so, how would I accomplish it in the most basic form. i.e. through heavy plugin writing / usage?

    The other options I was looking at is Joomla and Concrete5.
    Joomla is obviously the most mature, but I’ve always had a soft spot for wordpress, and have several sites using it.

    Concrete5 is a fairly new face on the scene, but seems nice nonetheless.

    Any ideas or feedback would be very much appreciated

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