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  • Can WordPress be installed outside the server directory in a development/testing environment?
    E.g. in C:\WEBSITES\WP_SITE1
    and mapped to, or must all instances of WP be installed inside the web root or in a subfolder of the root?

    I will be developing multiple WP websites for different clients. On my computer I already have all my previous client’s websites in C:\WEBSITES. (These aren’t WP websites).
    My server directory and webroot is C:\SERVER\WWW
    I used WAMP, setup Virtual Hosts in Apache and mappings in the Windows hosts file for each website.

    Can I do the same with WP sites or do I have to install them inside the webroot?

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  • You should keep all your WordPress installations in Webroot

    If you’re running these on your local PC then you can install WordPress anywhere that you like and just set up your WAMP Apache config with the virtual directories so that it knows where to look. I do that with a combination of custom hostnames in my PC’s hosts file and there’s no problems.

    The only time that thisisn’t grat is when you’re in a standard shared hosting environment and you don’t have control over how Apache is configured. In that circumstance you would need to keep everything under the web root so that it can be accessed.

    Thanks for your answer catacaustic, I’ll try it out.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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