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  • I have a site, (a number of them) and I’d like to set them up this way
    and that would be my main page for my blog, but
    would be flat pages, managed with the install of WP Alpha version…

    I was thinking, I’d just install WP into a folder called blog inside the root of my server, but them, how would WP manage flat pages outside that folder.

    The exact paths aren’t critical, but I guess I’m basically looking to put “pages” on the index.php page and not the chronological posts, which I’d like to have on a different page?

    Have anyone done that and willing to share on how to make it happen?

    Thanks all.

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  • I think you’d have to do two installations in order to accomplish that, and that seems rather silly to me.

    If you want to have a main site, where the blog is a subsection of the site, I’ve seen this before, but the rest of the site was managed with some other CMS, rather than with WordPress.

    I’m running 2005-01-01 and have been running the nightly builds for some time now, and I also have static pages. They are all in the same directory though. There’s no need to have WP in a subdirectory unless you simply don’t want WP to be the main page. You could do that simply by removing the rewrite rule for / or changing it to something else.

    Just some things to think about.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a good solid reliable CMS that I could look at?

    I’ve done a little looking and really haven’t found anything I liked and was hoping to keep it all in WordPress.

    Moderator James Huff


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    Drupal is nice.

    And, so you don’t feel far from home, there is a Kubrick template available for Drupal and a Manji template

    I’ve tried Drupal and found it rather clunky and unfriendly… I think it’s because it does FAR more then I want it to.

    Maybe I should re-write my original question. What about not having the WP install in a separate directory like I mentioned above… what about just not having “the loop” on the index page?

    That’s probably about the same thing, huh?

    Ryan Boren


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    You can do that. See pingomatic. That’s all WP managed.


    Do you have any information on how pingomatic did this? Is it part of just the theme design?

    I have a thought on this, someone tell me if I’m off base or not.

    I could duplicate the index.php in my theme folder and name it “loop.php” and use that for my page where all my “chronological” posts are located… my Blog if you will, then on the index.php template page… change that to be whatever I want it to be… Managed by hand if I want for now.

    Or is this just not necessary and I’m going about this all wrong.

    I think motoed is trying to do the same thing that I want to do. And pingomatic looks exactly like it. Does anybody know how that was doen, or should I try contacting Dougal directly?

    I’m surprised that more people aren’t interested in doing this. If someone wants to give me some clues on where to go with this, I’ll gladly post a tutorial online somehwere… or write something for the Wiki… I just need some guidance.

    Always willing to help out! I just don’t always know the way to go first…

    Here’s a quick rundown of how it’s done on Ping-O-Matic:

    WordPress Address:
    Blog Address:
    Permalink Structure: /blog/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/

    Notice how the two address fields and permalink structure work together.

    Hopefully, this will get you started.

    Wow, I am having a lot of trouble following these threads today! I was gearing up to try and answer this but the thread turns out to be about a completely different issue to what I thought. I think the holidays have done strange things to my brain 😉

    Thank you mucho dougal. I was very slowly coming to think along those lines, and now that you confirmed it I got around to trying it. Now if only I hadn’t screwed up my database, the whole process wouldn’t have taken 4 hours. But that’s why we do backups (especially when working with betas).

    I’m definitely on the right path, now.

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