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  • Hello,

    I’m sure this question has been asked many times, but I’m finding conflicting opinions on the web as to the answer.

    We’re looking to build a site that will sell digital content and if things go well we could have large amounts of traffic using the site and streaming content.

    Let’s say the hosting is A+, premium, etc., so this isn’t a question about good hosting.

    The question has more to do with WordPress and Woocommerce. I’m not a developer by trade so when I read conflicting viewpoints I have to ask for help.

    I’ve read things like this:

    “If you’re actually measuring scale in eCommerce, the relevant metric is transactions/second. That is how many orders the DB can intake in a fixed period of 1 second. The number of SKUs is pretty irrelevant because DB reads are way faster than DB writes. And you can put a cache like Varnish in front of static pages to skip DB read all together.

    This is where “fat” platforms like Magento will blow WordPress out of the water. WP is not engineered for high-scale write operations. It’s impossible for it to compete with a platform designed specifically for performing under this duress.

    That may not be your exact concern, but the same principle applies to any discussion between WordPress add-ons for eCommerce and a single-purpose platform like Magento. Shipping, payments, taxes, inventory, wholesale, CRM, rewards, 3rd party integrations, APIs — everything a store needs out-of-box will be more mature on a native eCommerce platform.”

    But Woothemes itself is built on woocommerce and seemingly handles the load beautifully.

    So, can WP + Woo handle a digital ecommerce site and scale to handle a large amount of requests, transaction, and playbacks per hour? Or should I look elsewhere?

    Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • I don’t use Woocommerce, but I manage sites that run Woocommerce. From my experience, I can say that scaling depends a lot on the server. Of course, the application can be a bottleneck at times. I haven’t seen that with WordPress, yet. Please do remember that WordPress is primarily a blogging platform that people use for other reasons too, including as a store with the help of plugins such as Woocommerce.

    I don’t have experience with other software/s. However, WordPress can really scale well with the hardware. For example, with the use of HyperDB plugin, we could have multiple DB servers.

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