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Can woocommerce can do this variation this many?

  • I have 6 dropdowns, 5 of them is 11 choices. and the last is 10.
    My variation looks like this.
    > Invitation Cards
    – 11 dropdowns/choices
    > RSVP Cards
    – 11 dropdowns/choices
    > Reception Cards
    – 11 dropdowns/choices
    > Thank you cards
    – 11 dropdowns/choices
    > Save the date cards
    – 11 dropdowns/choices
    > Address Label
    – 10 dropdowns/choices

    I noticed that there’s no variation generator in woocommerce, my questions are:

    a.) Do I need to input one by one of the combinations of these? I know this will take a loooong time.
    b.) How can I do this?

    Thanks in adavance for answering…


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  • Also, additional information, all choices affect price.

    Roy Ho


    It does, you can clicked on the “LINK VARIATIONS” in your settings. It will generate the combos for you.

    Thanks, for the info.

    Can I pre-set the prices before I generate? I can seem to find where I can set the price before I link combinations.

    Also I need the prices to be incremental.

    Roy Ho


    No because each variation can potentially have a different price. However you can always use the bulk edit action so you don’t need to enter them manually one by one…

    This will be a long long list edit to do, I thought woocommerce would have the same functionality with wpec.

    I can set incremental values for the choices, then generate them afterwards and have the combinations computed afterwards.

    Any thoughts anyone?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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