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    hi there
    am just wondering if widgets can be placed on the side of the spun theme? At the moment they appear at the bottom of the site.

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  • HI

    you can use widget any where in the theme just by calling the function like
    <?php dynamic_sidebar(‘widget name’); ?>
    you can use your own widger name.


    Hi P5systems

    thanks for replying, as i’m a bit of a newbie I just wanted to check I understand your suggestion.
    Within my child theme stylesheet I add :

    <?php dynamic_sidebar(‘widget name’); ?>

    if widget name is clock then I would replace this in the above line?
    Is this correct?


    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    Unfortunately it’s not that simple.

    In general, to create a new sidebar, you’d do the following:

    1) Register the sidebar in your child theme’s functions.php — you can see how this is done in the existing functions.php with register_sidebar()
    2) Create a new sidebar file in your child theme, ie. sidebar-mynewsidebar.php, and within it, call dynamic_sidebar(). You can see how this is done in the parent theme’s sidebar.php file
    3) Call the new sidebar in your template file(s) with get_sidebar( ‘mynewsidebar’ );
    4) Style the new sidebar with CSS so it appears how you like

    Alternatively, you could use CSS to take one of the existing footer sidebar(s) and move it/them to a different location in the theme.

    Hope this helps!


    I tried to put a new sidebar on one side of the page, but I cannot find how to tell it the exact location where it should be displayed, in the .php file code and css (for example : on the left-top of such a frame, or/an within which frame…)

    Can you specify more exactly in which .php file we should insert the sidebar, and in which part of the template (which <div>, for example) ?

    Thanks a lot for you precious help !

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    You need to create your own thread here:

    You can always link back to this thread for reference.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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