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  • First off, this is not an attempt to get you to buy or download anything off me – it is a genuine request to see if any of the WP coding community is interested in trying to take forward an idea. 🙂

    I’m sure everyone has heard of BlogRush. A lot of hype, but I’m still not convinced about their substance. When I heard about it, I started some work on a WP plugin, that I basically wanted to emulate the “related posts” plugin feature on so many blogs these days. The difference, taking it to the next level, and showing truly relevant, related posts from other blogs within / below articles.

    Before I explain my early (far from complete) work, I wanted to ask the question – does anyone see any potential in developing a simple related posts feature / plugin, on the multi-blog level?

    Ok, so here are the thought processes I went through…

    I used an API interface to communicate with a central database, to store data. Upon a post being published (or manually if wanted), keywords were extracted from the post content, and a post request was sent to the central database (authenticated via an API key). Along with the content keywords, the the post title, categories, and tags were sent.

    At the same time, a fulltext check was done against existing records (which were made up just of my blog posts), and the 3 highest scoring results were sent back to the blog – url and post title. These were then stored locally, and could be called by a function anywhere within that particular post (since they would be tied to a post ID).

    I’m sure you can pick a few holes in this model (I already have), but that’s why I was interested in seeing whether anyone else was interested in teaming up and evolving the idea.

    Any thoughts?

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