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  • Resolved clementinioo


    I am using this plugin on two websites. It works perfectly on one, but on the other, the view counter, like counter and dislike counter aren’t working.

    I have a real issue about this plugin, it gives me : SyntaxError: missing variable name.

    I think i identify this issue, and there is an issue about a script which is create dynamically so i don’t know how can i modify it.

    The SyntaxError returns me this line of the script //VOTE : var class = submit_click;

    I haven’t this line in the //VOTE script of my other website, maybe it can be from there.

    Does anyone know where can i modify this line?
    Thanks for help.

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  • Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Firstly this plugin does not have a like/dislike counter so that must be coming from somewhere else on your site.

    Next, as you’ve said yourself the plugin works perfectly in one site. On the site where it’s not working it’s likely there is something conflicting with it. I recommend you switch to the default theme and deactivate all other plugins. Does it work now? Likely yes. So then switch things back on one by one, testing in between. At the point it breaks, you have found the culprit.

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