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    I have Simple Membership with some add-ons enabled on my site. It works great and I love it, except that my bounce rate on mobile is at nearly 100% right when they get to the PayPal checkout page. And I can’t say I blame them – the plugin links to the non-responsive version of the PayPal checkout page and it’s almost impossible to resize or read anything on it on mobile phones.

    See this page on mobile for an example:

    Individual WordPress Site Maintenance

    Is there any way to change the link to the PayPal checkout page so that it’s responsive for mobile users?

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    Hi, thank you for sharing that information with us. The plugin developers will investigate further your issue.

    Kind regards

    Thanks, also – I posted this on the support forum – the mobile PayPal link does not offer the opportunity to pay without a PayPal credit card, whereas the desktop link does.

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    Hi, thank you for your reply here. I have added a comment in your other support thread.

    In regards to your comment above, what PayPal account do you currently have?

    Can you verify the following settings?

    How to enable the PayPal Account Optional feature:
    Go to your Account Profile.
    Select: My Selling Tools
    Under: Selling Online
    Locate: Website Preferences
    Click on: Update
    Locate: PayPal Account Optional
    Click: On
    Click: Save

    If the above does not fix your issue and you have one of the following accounts Premier account or Business account, then the issue might be related to PayPal.

    Yes, PayPal account is set to optional and I have a Premiere account.

    It is definitely NOT a PayPal issue, because PayPal stays optional when people try to check out on both mobile and desktop for my WP Shopping Cart plugin items – and the mobile page for that does not have the same issue with mobile responsiveness as the Simple Membership plugin does. See: on mobile – it gets the responsive PayPal checkout page that my users don’t get with your plugin.

    Plugin Support mbrsolution


    Thank you for reporting back. The plugin developers will be investigating this issue further.

    Thank you

    Thanks. I just tried it on a test page:

    Also tried it with a default theme.

    Same result. This plugin is not responsive.

    It’s a real shame, because I was recommending it to some clients and even got one to purchase the form-builder add-on, and I can’t do that anymore until it works on mobile. The plugin needs to be totally responsive or it isn’t usable. That’s just a given in 2016.

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    Hi, the plugin currently uses the standard PayPal checkout solution. Which should work fine on mobile devices also. What you are seeing is how the standard PayPal solution offers. The standard paypal checkout is most widely used PayPal option, so we used that as a starting point.

    This is what we use currently:

    We will happily make a change to the standard paypal gateway implementation (if needed). What mobile device are you using to do the test?

    We will also introduce more payment gateways in the future (that will offer some of the other solutions that PayPal offers).

    Thank you. More payment gateways would be great and that + mobile compatibility would IMHO make your plugin one of the best membership solutions for WordPress out there right now.

    I’ve tried the checkout on an iPhone 6+, a Samsung Galaxy S7 and an iPad Air 2 (in portrait mode to simulate a cell phone view) and it’s all the same.

    This is a screenshot of my phone when you click the PayPal button:

    View post on

    You can resize your browser to see how illegible it is at that size.

    Note how different the PayPal checkout screen looks when you click the PayPal checkout button on this page, which uses the WP Shopping Cart plugin:

    Already a Little Familiar With WordPress? On a Budget? Our WordPress Starter Site Package Is Perfect For You.

    THAT is the link to the truly responsive PayPal checkout, and doesn’t require PayPal on mobile checkout.

    Maybe you can compare the code of that plugin to yours and see what they do differently that makes theirs responsive and not yours? Might that help?

    Otherwise, I really hate to say it, but I’m going to have to uninstall yours and use a membership solution, because over half of my traffic is coming from mobile right now and this is without a doubt costing me a LOT of money. I really like Simple Membership, and I’ve purchased add-ons, so I don’t want to have to do that.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    As far as I can see, it should really be the same.

    I will do some more in-depth testing to see what I find.

    Thank you. In the meantime I’ll install it on a different WP installation with no other plugins and the Twenty Fifteen theme and see if it persists (though I did disable everything and test it with a default theme on mine already, but just in case).

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    I have just done a test using my iPad. The buy now button created using this plugin definitely showed the PayPal mobile checkout page correctly.

    I think your issue is specific to the PayPal subscription button. Remember that the “buy now buttons” and subscription buttons use different API.

    I don’t think PayPal offers that same mobile responsive checkout page for it’s standard subscription API (this is what my search reveals). Feel free to ask PayPal to confirm it (make sure to tell them that you are talking about the standard subscription payment checkout (not the one time buy buttons).

    I can still do the subscription using a mobile device (however PayPal doesn’t offer that nice checkout like it does for the buy now option).

    As far as I can see, this issue is not in this plugin’s standard PayPal subscription button integration. All plugins using standard PayPal subscription would have this same issue. Please feel free to reply and add more info.

    Thank you, that makes sense, and I will call them tomorrow to confirm, because that really does boggle the mind that they do it that way!

    Wow it took hours to find this. I am having the exact same problem. I guess I will contact Paypal and see if maybe it can be fixed. It does appear to be a Paypal problem, and I agree, you cannot read the payment form properly on a phone. My site is new and I set it up expecting mostly mobile customers. Sheesh. Glad someone took time to write it here. Thanks.

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