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  • Hello, as many of you in this forum know, when you install a plugin into wordpress and activate it, the plugin usually creates an options page in your wordpress administration console. What bothers me is that I have about 12 plugins, which really isn’t that many, and 7 of them have an options page. The big problem with these options is that all of them go to different pages. For example, I have installed adsense-deluxe, it goes in the options section, but the wordpress backup plugin is in the manage.

    What I propose is either a new plugin that automatically places ALL new plugin option pages into one big section called plugin options, or we introduce standards into plugins that recommend people design plugins that use this section.

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  • Well, it *is* open source, so you can craft your own standard!

    Granted, getting it adopted will be somewhat like herding cats.

    And yeah, I can see where you’re coming from. Some plugins also just add new top-level menus.

    Sounds like a great idea to me! It would make it a little more intuitive and you could access plug-ins in less clicks, for example if I’m updating a setting for a plug-in under options’, and then wish to update a plug-in which is located under ‘manage’, I have to click manage and then click the link for the admin panel. It might seem trivial, but I think it makes perfect sense, especially for after an upgrade or any other situation where you have to activate/re-activate a handful of plug-ins, no more menu hoping to get everything going again.

    There is nothing wrong with simplicity!

    I guess it depends on the plugin, but I think it would be nice to have a “simple plugin options page”. Where, if a plugin had only 1 or 2 options, it could add them there, so that you would have multiple plugin options on one page and not mess up the menus.

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    Many of my plugins I feel are heavy-used functionality, thus I make them ‘top level’ menus.

    Under newer WP, you can also add plugin submenus under Plugins itself, not needing to even switch to options.

    Actually, the ‘menu location’ could be a user option at some point, if managed properly… I mean, I played around with three different locations for my FlashyTitles menu when testing out ‘fixed up’ menu insertion code, so it’s as easy as picking a number. 😉


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    Think I should email this to matt?

    Maybe the default admin layout should have the menu on the left instead of the top, thus it can accomodate more content

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    The tiger admin plugin does that, but I don’t like the way it does it. Uses css instead of hardcoding.

    You know what…there have to be a bunch of small hacks to wordpress that are NEEDED. This is just one of them.

    Well, feel free to join the wp-hackers list,….

    They should have a menu maybe like
    asd, asd2, asd3 are ur plugin admin page.

    Your Plugins

    The 1 standard I have noticed getting used recently, that I think should always be followed, is when you put the plugin PHP code in your template, it should have that code that says “if this function exists, then call this function” so it doesn’t break your template if you deactivate the plugin.

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    I know that wordpress is GNU and open-source…but we still have to maintain standards.

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