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  • I thought I posted this last week, but I’m not seeing it, so here I go again.

    First this plugin has been a great time saver for me and my coworkers lately, so thanks much for this quality plugin!

    Now we have a faq page set up for a client and that client wants the categories to be linked to specific pages. I noticed in the plugin code that there is no way to hook in to add such a link. Since I don’t want to hack at the core plugin, I was hoping you could add that ability in.

    Would that be possible?


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  • I am dealing with the same issue right now.
    I have installed the FAQ plugin and it is working perfectly.

    The thing is I have two FAQ pages 1 for renters and 1 for landlords.

    I am creating all the FAQs right now but i don’t know how I can sort it so some will be displayed on renters page and others on landlord page…

    See it here

    Can someone help me please?

    Got it! It was pretty simple.. But of course everything in WP is pretty simple once you figure it out..

    I just had to put in the Category into the code…

    [qa cat=all accordion=false]

    Instead of all just replace it with your category. The code on my pages now look like this:

    [qa cat=faq-lejer accordion=false] (for renters)
    [qa cat=faq-udlejer accordion=false] (for landlords)

    Now i just need to make the text bigger… It looks like this:


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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