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    For what reason?

    I just wrote 6 paragraphs of reasons and explanations, but this time I’d like not to fall into the issue of saying many things that would make us discuss forever every sentence I might have expressed or understood incorrectly.

    I’d save it in my notepad for later and just ask:

    Can you tell me what reasons you wouldn’t do it for are?
    Or at least whether you are trying to make me to convince you or just trying to find the right words to tell me no.

    I don’t like to be asked why to later be told it was “NO” regardless of the answer. e.g. We could have them for x purposes, but since there’s no way to control it, it won’t be implemented.

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    I am posting as a normal forum user on this topic not as a representative of the forum. I’m a volunteer moderator on the forum, not an admin.

    As this is primarily a support forum, I do not see a pressing need for polls to be available, but maybe I’ve not thought hard enough to come up with reasons/applications – hence my question to open up a dialogue which perhaps other interested users would also contribute to.

    Well, then the explanations vary:

    To bypass forum bugs (That’s how I call people who compite for the top-poster) and still get WP user’s input, to figure out whether the changes/features I’d like to request to WP are insane or I just came across with an idiot opposing me in the topic, scaring others to give their opinions too.

    If you don’t know what I mean, and have a spare hour and a half, you can read my post and request to open SVN instructions page to changes.
    Feel free to opine in those too 🙂

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    Unlikely to happen at this juncture with the version of bbPress being used on the forums (too complicated and not worthwhile enough).

    As an alternative, may I suggest LINKING to a poll on PollDaddy? Which is what I recall other people, official WP people, doing in the past 🙂

    Ohh, cool. I was just reading about that.
    Thanks man.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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