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    I love VFB and have used it for several sites. Am designing one now for a group where I cannot require the submission of an email, rendering it impossible to send the submitter a copy of what they submitted (you have to have the email address be a required field in order to enable this function).

    On the confirmation page that is displayed after the form is submitted, is there any way to show the person a copy of what they submitted so that they can see if they made any errors?


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  • Plugin Author Matthew Muro


    So, the Display Entries add-on will now let you display a single entry will all of the submitted data.

    Getting that to show up on the confirmation page is a little tricky at this point. However, I do have a new filter coming up in the next version of VFB Pro that will let you tack on extra query parameters to the redirect URLs.

    To do what you want, you can add the entry ID to the redirect URL and then have a custom page setup to get the query parameter that is passed to the Display Entries add-on.

    Hi Matthew,

    I am trying to add the entry id to the url passed. Is there an easy way to do that? I am passing info from one form to another and need to tie them all together in the backend, I have found it easy enough to add _POST variables to the redirection but haven’t figured out how to get the entry id easily.

    Plugin Author Matthew Muro


    The entry ID will be passed to the vfb_confirmation hook in the next version of VFB Pro.

    I have been having issues hooking to vfb_confirmation, and to vfb_after_notify_email. vfb_after_email works fine however.

    Any idea when the next version of pro is goign to ready for primetime?

    Thanks for a great plugin and support by the way!


    Plugin Author Matthew Muro


    I’ve been waiting on WordPress 3.6 to launch before updating.

    Ok one last question then, as I have a deadline and I need to figure out a work around as the client is on WordPress 3.4.8 and is not wanting to upgrade due to a lot of prior mods to WP it’s self, before I came along…

    Where are you inserting the entries? I see where the form comes back after submission and goes to conformation but I am not seeing anywhere you actually populate the database with the entry.

    I own pro and several of the add-ons and would really appreciate if you could point me in the right direction.


    Are you inserting them in the email.php? Figured I would find that in the main php somewhere.

    Plugin Author Matthew Muro


    It’s in email.php. Just look for the $wpdb->insert statement.

    please help me, in last few days I do not see anymore option view entries, just edit/spam/trash, why?
    In that vew option i can copy/paste and send confirmation to that people and now I can not done that.
    Please help me to fix that.

    I guess I will just wait for the new release, because some of that made my head swim. 🙂

    (I’m an amateur at best with this)

    One more thing… we’ve noticed that the “Numbers” form will not send us the complete number if it starts with 0. So… if I enter “012345” in the response, the email that we get just says “12345.”

    Any way to correct that?

    For now, we’ve just made them text boxes… but the challenge is that this means it cannot validate the response as a number.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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