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  • I checked out the new users stuff in 2.0 and was wondering if its possible to set a user level to write pages, I just saw a write posts ability. I want users to be able to write pages (not posts!) that are linked from thier profile or through a custom user page. Its kind of a poor mans multiblog since wp can’t do that yet.

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  • Not too sure, however it might be possible with a bit of core hacking.


    I just re-read the capability list and it looks possible.

    In 2.o you should clarify in your post which user Role are we talking about.
    Now linking Pages from their profile(?) and/or creating author.php files seem to be more complicated than just creating a category for each author. But, of course, it all depends on the structure of your site.

    Im not sure what role as I havent tested it yet, I thought roles where fully customizable. I basically want low lvl users to be able to do just 2 things, adjust the profile and write pages (not posts). Kinda like a mini-mini blog for users, which isnt really possible in wp1.5. Having the ability to do that and the appropriate tags to organize it would be nice. Whichver the simplest way to accomplish this in 2.0 would be that way i’d go so I dont mind creating author catagories, as long as I can customize the user’s capabilities.

    In 2.0, the Capability edit_pages is only available to the Editor and Administrator Roles.

    As of yet, there is no way to modify Roles/Capabilities but you can bet it won’t be long for a plugin to make that available!

    The “miniblog for users” wont’t be possible in 2.0 either. And writing Pages does not replace the blogging: Pages are outside of the chronological order of the blog posts.

    Im fully aware of what pages are, I was just thrown off by the standard pre-defined roles which I don’t care about since you can define your own ..thank god. The ability to define you own capabilities and then custom roles sounds nice.

    dotnature: might want to look at this…

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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