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    Hi there,

    We’ve currently implemented subscribe2 to send registered users emails when people make posts in their chosen categories.

    The plugin works beautifully. Allows Users to choose their preferred email format. Allows them to subscribe/unsubscribe with a checkbox. No issues there.

    The problem is that Users has asked if they can specify when they get the email digests. Right now this is controlled by the Admin account & Users don’t get the choice.

    I was thinking of adding a dropdown to the User’s settings page to allow them to specify the frequency (weekly/daily/monthly), save their preference into a table & then modify the php in Subscribe2 to do email out depending on the User’s choice.

    Is there anything set up in Subscribe2 to cope with this, or is this something that needs to be approached from scratch? Is this even possible with Subscribe2?

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  • @matthewbyrom,

    Subscribe2 cannot handle this as the moment. It would require some significant code changes. First you’d need to be able to collect users based on their frequency preference after adding that as an option for them.

    Then you’d need a way to collect posts based on dynamic date ranges rather than the global fixed intervals.

    So, it is possible but would be quite a coding challenge.

    Thanks for the advice, mattyrob.

    Sounds like a bridge too far. Time is against me on this one too.

    Thanks for letting me know. Appreciate the advice.


    I’m in the process of switching my email notification plugin after an issue with the previous one that I’d been using for over a year. I was even considering purchasing Subscribe2 HTML but found this thread search for looking for exactly that: Can a user select his/her own digest frequency?

    I read your reply above & just wanted to know if you are familiar with the Category Subscriptions plugin, which allows exactly that. Subscribers must be registered users of the site but they can select not only which specific categories to receive email notifications on but the frequency for each category post (immediately, daily, weekly) as well. I’m not experienced in coding but could you possibly “reverse engineer” or look into how they did it? Would be a HUGE plus for Subscribe2 IMO. Please advise as I’ll hold off a bit if you think you might be able to replicate how they do it. Thanks.


    I wasn’t aware of that plugin. If I get some spare time to put into development I’ll certainly take a look at that code.

    Thanks mattyrob. If you are successful in adding the ability to allow subscribers to select there frequency preference, I’d appreciate if you would drop a follow-up in this thread so that I’m aware of the change and can switch over to Subscribe2. Thanks again.


    If I manage it, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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