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  • I don’t currently use UserPro, but am using something similar. I plan on moving over to UserPro in the next few weeks.

    When you use these plugins, they link into the main WP system, so when a user registers using it, they are then added to WordPress in the normal way, which means they will then be able to use other plugins, such as UserPro for the registration process.

    Or the short answer – yes 🙂




    @aravindbachu, how is USERPRO going in your website ?

    i just bought it and i am very confused with it… i feel it missing up my website.

    what i am trying to do is a community website with forums using BuddyPress and bbPress

    can you please share your experience with it. as if it is working well with you am going to buy the other add-ons like privet messaging and social wall etc..

    Best regards,



    Hi Ammartist,

    I did use Userpro but my blog suffered from low visitors and never allowed to fully test its potential. I averaged about 500 visitors a day and was only able to get 15 users signed up to the forums each month – So had to shut down the forums altogether.

    As far as Userpro is concerned – its quite good. works very well with almost all major theme frameworks and just needs a little tweaking here and there to set it right (use the help of documentation provided)

    I first turned on all the features, which I later realized to be only mere gimmicks because my wasn’t a fully blownup forum. So turned off many features but left only the major ones. It’s Social features are good and does seem to work very well, but as I said, I never many users to put them to a good test.

    So, as far as functionality is concerned, its quite good. Get a good number of users to sign up and slowly unleash the features to keep your users engaged – use trial and error for optimal results – Userpro has tons of features to let you do all that.



    Thanks so much aravindbachu, i really appreciate your input. i am testing different things in it for now. i am just lost with customizing it but i will find my way. their documentations not so good. but i did email them.
    Now i am waiting for their reply.

    Again your reply very much Appreciated.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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