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  • I would like to see the ability to integrate the Ultimate Member plugin with the Paid Memberships Pro plugin to be able to set up paid memberships (using WP roles).

    As I have it now, new users register through Ultimate Member then hand off to Paid Memberships Pro to ‘upgrade’ their membership to a paid one.

    Where the problem lies is that I can’t seem to figure out how to get Ultimate Member to use real WordPress roles instead of the separate ‘community’ roles. I have a plugin ‘PMPro Roles’ that allows Paid Memberships Pro member levels to coincide with WordPress roles, maybe have a similar plugin for Ultimate Member? Or if there is already a way to have Ultimate Member use WordPress roles, please let me know.

    Thanks to both developers of the Ultimate Member and Paid Memberships Pro for their great plugins. Hopefully there will be a quick and easy solution to having these plugins work with each other.

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    Hi @schulz,

    If you want to sync WP Roles with UM community roles, please go to Ultimate Member > User Roles > Edit User Role > Sync with WordPress Role.


    Will this Sync work both ways (WP Roles sync with UM community roles)? So if a user changes their role using Paid Memberships Pro (upgrade/downgrade), will this change the user (community) role in Ultimate Member as well?

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    Hi @schulz,

    Yes, do you integrate this with Woocommerce plugin?


    No, I don’t use Woocommerce plugin.

    If a user changes their role using Paid Memberships Pro (upgrade/downgrade) which only changes the user WP role, how does this change the user community role in Ultimate Member as well?

    I only see Ultimate Member changing the WP role when you change the Ultimate Member community role. I don’t see the community role changing when Paid Memberships Pro changes the wp role?

    I need a way for Paid Memberships Pro to update the Ultimate Member community role, perhaps having each community role as a WP role capability?

    Ironically I am struggling with the same issue but in reverse. I need the features of WooCommerce subscription / membership interfaced with UM… HOWEVER I am using Profile Builder PRO which as schulz indicates uses the wp_roles. The SYNC function in the Ultimate Member WooCommerce site does work perfectly HOWEVER its manual. Meaning there is not an AUTO SYNC between UM Roles data field with the WP Roles field.

    There must be a way to sync the UM Community Role with the WP User Role that can be automated and two directional if needed.

    ANY IDEAS from the UM folks as they are working on UM v2.0 ???

    “There must be a way to sync the UM Community Role with the WP User Role that can be automated and two directional if needed.”

    => I think for v2.0 they are working on using the wordpress roles instead of creating seperate community roles. That should fix most of the problems and spares us the manual sync.

    Any update on this? It seems Ultimate Member roles are still not true WordPress roles. I’m trying to work in-conjunction with WP Job Manager, but they use true WordPress roles, and therefore do not see the Ultimate Member roles.

    Any updates on Ultimate Member using WordPress roles?

    10 Months and my site is still broken, unable to register ‘paid’ membership without manual intervention. My clients want instant access to their paid membership (and they should), not wait until I get home, read the emails, then hunt down their user account and then manually update their community role to match their WordPress role. I can’t be at my computer every day.

    Ultimate Member is an awesome plugin, however as awesome it is I can’t be hand holding it every time someone upgrades their membership. Using WP roles is essential and required for this type of plugin.

    Woo Commerce is too complex and bloated for my needs (don’t need Jet Pack, Woo Commerce account/services, product management or all the other junk that comes with it).

    Please, PLEASE role out WP roles for Ultimate Member ASAP!

    @schulz, their support here is pretty lacking. So, it shouldn’t be me that is telling you this, but they have released a UM 2.0 version. But it’s still in “beta”, I think… and somewhat buggy if you ask me:

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