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  • If I create post type “artwork” and post type “artist” is there a way to connect the two?

    Each post type needs to have its own set of meta box fields for things like media, size, or bio, and contact info.

    When creating an artwork post type it would be great if a pulldown menu was available to select the related artist’s name from previously entered artists.

    I can imagine other post types that need to be related also such as product/manufacturer or album/musician.

    Maybe it’s possible to leverage the code used for post/author relationships?

    Any insight appreciated.


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  • I’m also interested in learning more about this.

    This is something I and a few others have been advocating to be added into the core for sometime now to no avail, however you’re in luck because an awesome WP developer by the name of Scribu has a plugin called Posts2Posts.

    The plugin allows you to relate one post type to another and I’ve successfully used it for a large record label website where an artist post type had to be related to store items, CD releases, merchandise and tours (all separate post types).

    Fantastic. Thanks.

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