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    Thanks for your plugin Jason! I would like to show two user timelines but not first tweets from timeline A and then tweets from timeline B but the two mixed and chronologically ordered. Is that possible with Tweeple? I’ve tried adding two names, separated by a comma but that did’nt work. I can code 😉

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  • Hi

    I’m not sure if it works with the timelines but you can do multiple searchs of hashtags by using the OR operator

    Try using tweetname2 OR tweetname2 in the form.

    that should be

    tweetname1 OR tweetname2

    Hey, that’s really good, thanks Kevin, that works!

    Plugin Author Jason


    I actually wanted to thank you for posting this topic because when I read it yesterday, it sent me down some interesting avenues with the plugin and Twitter API in general.

    Apologies that I haven’t posted on this topic yet. I’m currently working on a couple of extra functions for developers to add to the plugin wanting to do to stuff like this in their own themes or plugins utilizing Tweeple, and I was going to put an example up in the Wiki I’m working on.

    In essence, what you’re asking exactly is not possible with Twitter API, in general. When we pull user’s timeline, it’s a specific resource from the Twitter API, that only allows one screen name.

    You could do it with a search, but you’re not going to get the result you want exactly.

    If you were to search:

    user1 OR user2

    You will get tweets that contain either of those usernames in the text.

    Now, technically you’re supposed to be able to do a search like this:

    from:user1 OR from:user2

    Which you would think would return what you want, but it doesn’t work consistently because you’re tapping into a whole other resource of Twitter API:

    And so you sort of get into the mess I was was talking about here:

    As Tweeple rolls along, I’d like it to be possible setup your own display of Tweets with basic development knowledge. And I’m hoping to have an example in the Wiki of what you’re asking, essentially where you’d take two Twitter feeds and just display them merged together, still keeping everything in chronological order.

    Plugin Author Jason


    Starting with v0.5.0, which was just published, here’s how you can merge multiple Twitter feeds from your own function and display the resulting merged Tweets:

    Oke thanks for the information Jason.

    Could you also explain or give examples how we can implement this.

    Plugin Author Jason


    See the first example here for creating a function in your theme’s functions.php or your own plugin file.

    In in this example my_tweets() function, you can see where it’s pulling from Tweeple feeds with ID’s 1, 2, and 3 at the top. So, you’d just adjust this in your my_tweets() function to have ID’s that correspond to your Tweeple feeds.

    Then, in your theme you’d output this like: <?php my_tweets(); ?>

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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