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  • Thanks for the plugin. It was easy to install and implement.

    The only issue I have is that in the list of links, the plugin only displays the main category, and not the subcategories. Articles under the subcategories are indeed listed, but not separated out according to subcategory headings.

    I’m trying to do something like:

    Main Category
    – Main category article without subcategory link 1
    – Main category article without subcategory link 2
    Subcategory A
    – Subcategory A article link 1
    Subcategory B
    – Subcategory B article link 1


    If you look at this page, you’ll see what I’m getting:

    Children/Parents is the main category. The test article listed there is actually under a subcategory called “Aging,” but that’s not reflected in the plugin’s listing (if you follow the link to the actual article, you’ll see aging in the breadcrumb trail, so my actual WordPress categories setting seems to be doing what it’s supposed to be doing).

    Am I missing something in the admin settings for Posts per Cat that would allow me to do this?


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  • BTW, I tried just selecting the subcategory and deselecting the main category when editing the post, but that breaks things. (It doesn’t even show the article under the original main category listing if I do that, and wants to make the sub a main category of its own.)


    If you disable option “Only top level categories” (in global settings or for widget or for shortcode), you’l get listed top level and sub categories.

    Maybe you can try with latest version 1.2.1?

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