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[Resolved] Can This Be Used With WP-Members?

  • Thanks for a great plugin! It’s controlling all of my comment spam.

    I use the WP-Members plugin for my website’s user registration. Recently, I have received a lot of user registration spam. Does the WP-SpamShield plugin work with the WP-Members plugin or does it only support the built-in WordPress user login? This user registration spam appears to be bot-driven due to the arbitrary naming convention. Do you have any suggestions as to controlling this with your device?


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  • Hi kingcodefish,

    You are welcome! WP-SpamShield can’t stop registration spam if another plugin bypasses WordPress’ native registration system, which it looks like WP-Members does (based on the description on its page – I haven’t tested it or examined the code).

    WordPress plugins work because it has a system of hooks that plugins can use to modify functionality. Unfortunately if a plugin takes over a certain type of functionality (like the login process), then other plugins have no way of interacting with it anymore, so in this case there’s not really much I can do.

    I’m kind of surprised though that the WP-Members plugin would take over that functionality without adding spam protection. That seems like it would be an obvious necessity. I will look into it though and see if there’s any kind of workaround.

    – Scott



    Did you ever figure out anything about this?
    I’ve contacted the author of WP-Members over here.
    But his plugin does include ReCaptcha which turns out had lost its data on my end. Luckily, I got it working again but I still wish there was a way to not have captcha.

    Plugin Author Red Sand Media Group


    Hi kingcodefish,

    There really isn’t much else I can do to test compatibility on my end. We don’t use that plugin on ours or any of our client sites. As I mentioned above, please keep in mind that any plugin that changes WordPress core functionality directly related to registration will likely conflict, so unfortunately that takes the resolution of this issue out of my hands.

    Plugins can only function reliably when the site is operating according to the WordPress system of hooks, actions and filters as outlined in the WordPress documentation. Plugins bring a lot of freedom to a site owner and can add or remove features, but as a user it’s important to realize that this can affect other plugins, and prevent them from working in one or more areas.

    It sounds like the other plugin needs to add some kind of registration spam protection. As with all WordPress plugins, it’s going to require that users test and see which combinations work for you.

    As there is not an error with WP-SpamShield, I’m going to mark this topic as resolved.

    – Scott

    Hi kingcodefish,

    I just wanted to follow up with you. As of version, WP-SpamShield has 100% compatibility and anti-spam protection for the WP-Members registration page.

    Have a good one.

    – Scott

    Alright, thanks.
    I’ll ensure it works as soon as I get around to it.
    Thanks for the quick updates and great support.

    You’re very welcome! Let me know if you ever need help again.

    Will do.
    Cheers 😀

    Sounds good! Cheers to you too. 🙂

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