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  • I have an existing live wordpress website that is built using Avada and WooCommerce. It is a fairly involved website built for a company.

    This company have now asked me to create a mirror of the original website under a brand new domain name, that has a different logo and contact details for another business under their umbrella of companies.

    They want the Original website to be linked to the mirror site, so that they can update only the original website, and have the changes show on both the original website and also the mirror version of the website, with the exception of the logo and contact details which should remain unchanged.

    I started to look in to the WordPress Multisites option, but im not sure if it will allow me to use it on a totally different domain rather than just on a subdirectory or a subdomain?

    Also I dont know if it will allow me to have different logos & contact details on the 2 websites?

    I need to know the best way to do this or if it isnt easily doable?

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  • Full disclosure, I’ve not done this myself, however the docs say that you can run the multi-site over different domains:

    Personally I would not do this, and I would say No to the client.

    Are the other companies in their organization “franchises” ? Or do they share financial data and processes?

    imo, before coming up with a technical solution, I would want to know their internal business processes.

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    The company supplies the same products which are limited editions through several sub outlets. Once an item sells it needs to be no longer available in any of the outlets that were offering it.

    So they want a mirror version of their website, with all the exact same products and categories and pages etc, except with a different logo, different contact details, and on a different domain.

    They want to update the woocommerce products and product categories on their main website and have these changes also appear on their mirrored site on a different domain…

    (All the payments will run through the same online merchant account)

    Hm, well,

    When you say this–>

    They want the Original website to be linked to the mirror site, so that they can update only the original website, and have the changes show on both the original website

    I assume you mean specifically that they want the products to be entered in once, right?

    Obviously you’ll need something like this:

    It depends really on how scalable you expect the solution to be. Today it’s only one site – in 3 years from now will it be 20 sites?

    Theoretically you could write conditional statements in the header to determine what path is being loaded, and then return one header vs. another header, like this:

    But, that’s limited.

    This is also describered here:

    If this were me, I would set up a staging site using Multisite from scratch, and just try it out. I don’t know if you’ll run into issues *converting* an existing site over to Multisite. But, I don’t really like any of this, so I would probably still say No, or use Shopify.

    The biggest challenge in your opinion is the shared products and inventory?

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    Not just products, no, absolutely everything with the exception of the logo and the contact details.

    Thank you for your views & ideas, I was really looking for a support forum with support from WordPress on this to advise definitively on what can and cant be done and how to do it.

    Is this the right forum to get support from WordPress themselves?

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    If it were me, I would just set it up one staging server, and see for yourself. Wouldn’t take very long to do a quick test to see the capabilities.

    Repost your question here as well to get input from people with more experience:

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    I tried that and it got deleted for being a duplicate post…

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