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  1. N8Wolf
    Posted 9 years ago #

    G'Day all;
    Seeing as WordPress is a WYSIWYG editor to organize layout and display of data that is stored in a MySQL DB (Correct me if I'm wrong), can I customize a layout(Form) for displaying specific data fields from this DB? Can these fields be "Editable"?

    Those who have not guessed it yet, I need to build an online Data-access App, plain and simple, which can enable Viewing and updating of Records.

    I'm no Programmer, so please No, PHP is too difficult for my little brain (And I need to deliver A.S.A.P. so I can't go learning the whole "PHP in 21 Days" thing)...

    Please say Yes somebody... Use this...

    Thank people


  2. harknell
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Well, I would say yes that WordPress can do what you like, but in general if you want something very customized you will need to understand some php to code up special pages.

    You may want to take a stroll through the massive plugin databases that exist though, they may have something that you can simply add in that does what you want. check "extend" here at wordpress.org, then take a look at wp-plugins.net also.

  3. Chris_K
    Posted 9 years ago #

    If you do this, you might want to look into Using_Custom_Fields. There are some plugins that might help as well.

    Or, you could look at something like http://creator.zoho.com/

  4. Those who have not guessed it yet, I need to build an online Data-access App, plain and simple, which can enable Viewing and updating of Records.

    I'm no Programmer...

    Really, I suggest hiring one.

    While you could probably do it with WordPress, you could not do it if you are not a programmer and/or not willing to learn PHP.

    Furthermore, WordPress is not especially suited to your described application, and it's probably not the right way to go. It's a poor fit. There are other ways that will work better and fit your needs more exactly.

    I suggest hiring somebody to either build your specific application or to adapt some other existing software to do it. They may use WordPress, they may not, but the short of it is that if you want custom software, you need a programmer. Programming is a profession. People do it for a living. If your plumbing went bad, you'd call a plumber, right? You wouldn't try to do it yourself unless it was very simple. Well, this is not a very simple task you have described, I would suggest finding a professional.

  5. crikeymedia
    Posted 9 years ago #

    How long is a piece of string. You need to define your task. Why do you want a web server and why consider WordPress as opposed to developing code in MS Access or front page. It all depends on who how an when you need access to the data. yes I would say that word press could perform this task but it is not a plug and play solution other then for out of the box implementation.

    If you want I can assist in fining you a programmer based in Ukraine who might be able to do the work required relatively cheaply but again it depends on what you need doing.

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