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  • leroybrowndesign


    I am designing a site with an agreement to have my domain and some ads listed on the site in both the footer and under links categories

    my question is the person keeps turning off the link categories but has other links their they just hide mine

    is it possible to have a code that if this is hidden then something else goes off or gets redirected to another site or page…

    and if they get to the php code in the footer and turn that off or erase it can this turn off the front page of the site ????link not shown disable site

    any help would be great thanks

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  • Clayton James


    Just to be clear, it sounds like you want to have control over whether or not someone else’s web site is accessible to the public, depending on whether or not the content you want to see on it (your links and advertising) is actually visible? Hmm…

    I think intentionally attempting to deny them access to their own site, or redirecting them to another site or page if they remove your links, technically borders on hacking. No. I’ll go out on a limb here and say it defines the term “malware”. It’s a bad idea.

    I am designing a site with an agreement

    Enforce the terms of the agreement in accordance with whatever arrangement you had with the other party. Or just stop giving them support.

    ..just my opinion.



    if you work hard on a mod or project and it is not freeware or shareware or anything else but getting paid for your work a license is given for that work but with the agreement to have a link to you as the coder this does not define the term malware or hacking it is a way simply to keep your code safe



    I’m with CJ, if the user is breaking the terms of agreement, i don’t think the way to go about it is to cause changes on the site…

    Of course if the user switches it on they can always use a little CSS to hide the element instead, and it’ll make it just as hard for you to write another script to counter-act that, and so on… you’ll end up going in loops..

    If you have a contract or agreement with this person, then the sensible, and professional approach would be to write them a letter/email stating they are in violation of the agreement and your intentions if they continue, etc…etc…

    Having another read of your post, it would be my understanding that you have been contracted or made an agreement to do some work for someone and you want to ensure your link and ads remain….

    If it’s a wordpress template i don’t think you’ll be able to create anything that can’t always be removed by the user, unless you have direct access to the WP core files they are using, but then if it’s the user’s/individual’s webspace that’s not really within your right to do, regardless of the terms of agreement.

    It’s shady ground, you can set an agreement but you can’t ultimately force it upon someone if they are determined to break it.

    This is what contracts are for, so you can make the individual liable for any breach of said contract. Not really sure of the technicalities of contracts/agreements in relation to WP installations though, it’s not my field.

    Clayton James


    “if you work hard on a mod or project and it is not freeware or shareware or anything else but getting paid for your work a license is given for that work but with the agreement to have a link to you as the coder this does not define the term malware

    Of course it doesn’t. But you’re hearing what you want to, not reading what I said.

    Does your copyrite/license agreement include the explicit terms under which you desire to place your advertising on someone elses site? Is it in your license agreement that you can disable or control the purchasers web site at your whim if they break their end of the bargain not to advertise for you? I guess it better be, because placing code in a piece of software that denies a legitimate end user access to, or diminished or complete loss of control of his own web application, absolutely defines the term malware.

    You might have a shitty customer there. Or your own expectations may not be realistic if you want sell WordPress designs, but don’t turn into a shady developer just because one guy pissed you off. If your work has any merit, then you can charge a fair price for the product and include support. Why would anyone want to purchase or commission any of your work if you put a clause in their license and a bug in their software that can disable it at the onset of any event of your choosing? If I were a smart customer, I think it might imply to me that your work may not stand up on it’s own, and that your ethics might be questionable as well. I wouldn’t give you a nickle for it.

    You may have also noticed that most theme developers who sell custom themes give the purchaser the right to remove the developers links in the license agreement when purchased. Not the other way around. But to each his own. I hope it works out for you. That sort of thing can take all the fun out of doing something you normally love to do.

    …again, just my opinion




    thanks for all your input and yes i will go along with the idea that the world is full of other nice people ( like everyone that talked me down from the ledge 🙂 )Thanks for all your input really

    and your all right

    peace be with you

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