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  • I’m not sure where to post this question. But my company is interested in moving our web site (we are a training company, primarily) to a WordPress site. I know I will need training, and we will no doubt need to hire a consultant or developer to help us get where we need to be, but right now I’m just trying to discern whether or not it’s going to be possible.

    A big hurdle to switching is our training calendar. If we have, say, 200 different courses in 5 categories, can each of those exist as an Event in one of the Event Calendar plug-ins, whether or not they are currently scheduled? Ideally that would be the case, then each month when the schedule is set, the classes can be included in a training calendar that can be viewed/sorted by date OR by one of the 5 categories. Events would then drop off the calendar after they occur. The training calendar would then be visible on the home page as a column or widget.

    I saw on, I think, Events Calendar Pro (?) that you can even register for the event right there.

    I hope that’s not too confusing. Am I going about this the right way? Thanks in advance.

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