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  • bergman


    I ran Benchmark scans on sites on two separate Dreamhost accounts and they consistently returned results seemingly too pitiful to be real. The averages being:
    CPU Speed: 8000 BogoWips
    Network Transfer Speed: 5.07 BPS
    Database Queries per Second: 300

    Can these numbers be real?

    Sheila Bergman

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  • Mika Epstein


    They can, though they’re not normal (FWIW, 20,000 BogoWips is more normal, and in fact my site gets 21k).

    Our network transfer speed really is close to 5 BPS 🙂 On a high traffic day it can creep up, but that one’s real. As for DB queries, it depends on your SQL server, but around 700 isn’t abnormal at all.

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