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  • Can there be more then one admin per a blog? I created a page as the ADMIN and I need another user to be able to edit the page i created and update it. Currently if I boost this User to Level 9 he is unable to even see what pages have been created by the ADMIN.

    Question is how can I fix this so both him and my self can edit this page ?

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  • You can change a user to level 10 only through the database. If you use something like phpMyAdmin, access the users table (usually wp_users), browse the entries, and when editing a user record change the user_level field.




    Another option would be to create a new account for yourself, raise that account to level 9, and use that for all posting. Other level 9 users can then edit your posts as needed. Then your admin account is used solely for administration.

    Another option would be to change the author of the post or page to your co-author. As a level 10 user, you can edit his posts. I don’t know if retaining authorship matters, though. My first suggestion above is probably the more sustainable solution.

    Kafkaesqui – .. What is phpMyAdmin? .. is there any way i can get to that file just thru my ftp and change it there?

    Your database is only accessible on the server where your wordpress install is hosted. You need to access phpMyAdmin through your host’s cpanel, if one is provided (also perhaps known as plesk or vdesk, depending), or otherwise through command line would be the only way I think….

    You could also install PHPMyAdmin if you have correct access.

    I got into my phpMyADMIN and changed the user to level 10 .. but he still cannot see the pages i have created.

    is there any way i can find the page in my FTP and chmod it so the other admin at 10 will be able to edit it?

    I believe this sort of thing is only doable in the database itself. Do you mean that the other person cannot see your pages at all? Or just that he cannot edit them?

    if im not mistaken, you cannot edit pages that created by other user that same level with you…(only those that are lower level than you)

    Ok, i went into my database but you can’t add more then one author per page 🙁

    This user is bumped up to Level 10 .. which i did thru myphpadmin

    Any helpers?

    User is able to edit the pages when he view’s the site while logged in another tab of firefox .. but the pages still dont’ show up when he is logged in the Manage>Pages> section ..

    Please someone help

    Since you’re unable to edit posts from an author with the same user level as yourself, raising everyones level to 10 didn’t help me… And even though I’m not very proud of myself for hacking into the code, there’s a simple hack to solve the issue.

    I haven’t done any thorough testing if this has other consequences though, but it seems to work fine for me (running wp

    in wp-includes/functions-post.php, look up
    function user_can_edit_post (at about line #358)

    || ($author_data->user_level > $post_author_data->user_level)

    on this line, change > to >=

    Without Hacking into the code i found a work around. I was unable to see what the ADMIN account had made page’s wise .. UNTIL I was assigned one of the pages or was named the author of the page .. once I was named the author the other pages populated also.

    Took a lil playing around but finally we can edit eachothers stuff.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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