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  • I am asking my designer to create a template, but we don’t have enough time to create table-less design with full CSS. I am wondering, if I create one or two HTML files for top page (index.php) and inside (staticpage.php), does it still work on WordPress?

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  • well you’d need to have a style.css for the Theme details to be read, but there’s no reason why one PHP file couldn’t be used. it would be an ugly nasty way of doing it I would think, and slower and fraught with more problems than the CSS route… but there’s no real reason why not I guess…

    So…with DarkCryst’s reply, if the css file is named “style.css” then it should work? I’m thinking to merge the header, footer into index.php with table layout html (with php extension) and page.php as well with the theme tags.

    If anyone has done this, please share.


    why not develop a template as one file and than break it apart into the different section. header, main, footer, sidebar.

    i think you can do it as single file but that mean you will have to do the samething for archives, pages, etc. since this pages call the individuals header, footer and siderbar. sometimes the best thing to do is to take someone theme and user the php structure and than develop your css for it. this is what i did with mine blog, i still tweaking since i have some issues with the browsers.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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