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    H there,

    I just put together a gallery for a client, and I found the movement of the photo’s as they slide in is somewhat hard on the eyes – it is possible to change that to have them fade in? – if not then this is a feature request 🙂
    TIA, Dave

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    Hello, @daveporter! 👋

    Currently, there is no support for various slide animations. I’ve noted this and added it to our list of feature requests. 😺

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    OK, thanks Val…



    Hi! Just wanted to chime in with the same request. I’m testing various gallery / lightbox options, and really like Meow – except for the way the lightbox photos scroll in. It’s very distracting to my eye. Thanks!



    Me, too!!! A nice Fade transition between lightbox images would be so cool. I want options!

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    Hi @danfrankdancom, @elwelw, @daveporter! Just to make sure we are on the same page, can you describe the animation you’d like, and where? By where, I mean that there are two animations: the one that displays the lightbox at first, and then the animations between each slide. Thanks! 🙂



    A crossfade animation between slides is what I need today, but always, more options…

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    Hi Jordy, Yes definitely a fade between slides (photos) – see my original post that started this discussion that should make it clear.
    Regards, Dave

    I, too, am looking for the animation *between* slides (not the original loading of the gallery, but the transition between individual shots after you’ve clicked on one to enlarge it and then are using the arrows to move from one image to the next).

    FYI, by “crossfade” I don’t mean a seconds-long fade, just a “click=next image.” Here is a link to a draft of a gallery/lightbox using the Modula plug-in, in which the transition between images is what I would love to see in Meow: https://justinj107.sg-host.com/malawi-photos-modula/

    Thanks so much for listening to our comments!



    This has been marked as resolved. But I don’t see the change. I’d also like to see the fade in option (similar to https://flickr.com/photos/capli/50321350163/in/dateposted/) as the current animation when browsing photos in the lightbox is too slow and not easy for the eyes. Especially when going through photos quickly. @valwa , @tigroumeow , is there an update on this?

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    (@capli) seconded ! Smart Slider 3 is a good example of the feature request

    There was also a bug fix for Beaver Builder that was fixed following feedback from BB support, then the next version seemed to reverse it.
    (5.0.9 (2023/11/29)
    Any update on this ? Not looked lately but just asking!
    Previous discussion where Jamie from BB assisted in the fix:

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