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  • muzicman0


    We use wordpress to send out msgs to our clients if there is an event. These notices need to be sent out ASAP. What we want to know is if there is a way to set up message templates to make the wording pre-formatted (IE: we would just need to change a few details)? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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  • garryconn



    I would love to try to help, but I don’t fully understand the question. Can you explain more about what you want to do?



    sure…maybe…please understand, I haven’t actually used wordpress, my manager just asked me to figure this out…

    Basically, we have a website (that uses wordpress currently) that is used to get information out to our customers. Many times this info is something that has happened before (such as a network outage, or testing, etc). What we want to do is set up a template so that when we have these issues, it is easy to just pull up the appropriate template, and change some minor info (such as dates, times, etc), and publish.

    I hope this makes more sense, I am playing around on our site to see how the software works.




    Ok. I get it… You just want to keep from having to write the same post over and over.


    Write one post, save it to drafts. When you need it, add the added info needed and publish.

    When you need to post another alert, open the existing one, copy it… then create a new post and paste it and just change the minor pieces of info needed.

    I am not aware of a pre-written post template.

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