Can SuperAdmin and Admin also be given Editor Role? (3 posts)

  1. kansascoder
    Posted 3 years ago #

    We're using multi-site on IS7 and a Role Editor plugin. One of our Admins oversees all 20+ blogs in our system Currently she has to go to each site to see if there are comments posted. I'd like to know if I can add her as an editor without her Admin prilveleges being diminished. The 'moderate_comments' capabilities is associated with the editor role in our Role Editor plugin and I'm hoping that she will get new comments emailed to her.

    So far none of the plugins allow for this functinoality, unless something has been added in the last few weeks.


  2. She does not need specific permissions to moderate comments on sub blogs.

    Even changing her role on that site (It will not affect her super admin status, just make her listed) will not mail comments to her.

    only the admin of a particular site will get the emails. that's it. Adding her as an admin will not send her emails either.

    This works the same in single site.

  3. That said, if you (and she) are admins (yes, you can BOTH be site admins), you will BOTH get emails.

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