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  • Hi guys,

    You are a great hoster that claims to be THE WordPress hoster, so please update your plugin or remove it (temporarily) from until you are willing to free up some capacities to continue working on it.

    This plugin creates countless hours of extra support work for many WordPress developers and volunteers in the community due to its false-positives.

    Please remove it or update it with a maintained whitelist of “working plugins” to get rid of nagging false-positive messages that confuse and irritate the users of our plugins.

    That is an outdated plugin that has not been confirmed to work with the latest WordPress version, either. It shows false positives all the time, and we, as plugin developers, can nothing do against it except telling other users constantly not to rely on your tool.

    We get all the time the same question why our plugin WP STAGING does not work with the latest PHP version due to the false-positives the PHP Compatibility Checker throws.

    For sure, we are not the only developer with that issue.

    Any plans for a proper whitelist handling?


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  • Plus one for updating this plugin…!!!

    the WP site wants us to update to PHP 7.4, but this plugin only checks to 7.3
    It doesn’t check WP Bakery Builder, Updraft Plus, or WPForms Lite – they are too big, it says, to check before it times out.

    Is it going to be updated? When?

    I too am very frustrated by this plugin. I am a novice site builder and am constantly nagged to update to PHP 7.4. Furthermore, it would be helpful to give meaningful. I am seemingly stuck in 7.1. When I try to upgrade, some of my 7 sites crash. I have no idea how to resolve the errors.
    Is it the themes that are failing, or is one or more of the plugins, or a combination of both?
    I run on GoDaddy, and I just noted my webserver is on PHP 7.3.6. Does thathave anything to do with the limits?

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    Please update plugin, or remove it. Thank you.

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