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  • I posted this question on the site…..

    …I have built a few sites but all have been static.. I have been asked to build a site for a garage that would like to change the details of cars that they sell…. its only a small garage and they would only have up to three cars on sale at any one time. It would involve:

    1: a section on the right of every page that would display 3 cars and a brief description of it.

    2: one page that would have 3 pics and a description of th3 3 cars… (In greater detail than the above). The two things i have mentioned don’t need to be tied into each other! -i think it would be easier that way!!!

    Is this hard to set up so they can alter these parts of the site themselves?? What programme do you ladies and gents suggest?? Please be gentle as this is new to me!


    I have downloaded the latest version of wordpress and really need someone to talk me throught or show me a thread or post that will do that! I can’t be the first to be this confused??!!


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