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    Hi everyone, I’ve been able to whittle my XHTML validation errors down from 110 to 4, but these last 4 have got me stumped.

    I suspect a couple of them may be sidebar tags, but I’ve been over my sidebar.php files and still can’t find them. I also can’t figure out what the matter is with <div class=”textwidget”>. Also, the PHPSSESSID’s have me a bit confused.

    Can someone please take a look at my page source for me and see if you might be able to locate them? For some reason, the line and column numbers I get from W3C don’t seem to match up with my page source line numbers.

    This is my W3C link:

    And my site:

    I’m using the Kubrick theme with the only major modification being an additional sidebar (which I created by duplicating sidebar.php).

    I’m a newbie so sorry if these problems seem real obvious.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • to use the
    <ul> tag you must use
    <li> after it.

    Why are you using ul there anyways?

    Thanks for your response poil11. It took me a while (several hours actually :p), but I finally figured it out. (Adding an additional <li> right after the initial <ul>, and </li> before the final </ul>.)

    I’m using ul because the Kubrick theme came like that and I like having the bullets on the sidebar, and I am not sure if I’m good enough to change it myself to look better – yet – all in good time though.

    Now to the reason why I had to do this in the first place – getting my blog to display properly in Safari. Since it’s a different issue, I’ll post a new thread.

    Thanks again.

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