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  1. musicmakesmelosectrl
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I've done a ton of research in finding an HTML5 MP3 player that meets my specifications, but I can't find anything. I run a music blog with a few other friends, and we want something that can do the following:

    1. Have playlist support. We want the plugin to be smart enough to automatically load the songs that appear on that page of posts. Every player that I've found, you need to manually save XML pages for each playlist, but I want something that you can change the playlist dynamically depending on what content is on that page.

    2. Be small. One line, simple, sexy. Should show you what you need to see... what song is currently playing, play/pause, previous/next, timer, and a "view post" button. Good example is http://www.hypem.com. They allow you to click a song on the post, have it play at the top of the screen, and cycle through the playlist at the top as well. We want something like this.

    I'm not good at all with JavaScript, or else I'd try my hand at jplayer. If you're interested in making us a plugin, we could talk about possible payment. Please help us out!

    By the way, our site is http://www.startingtofeelit.com/

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  2. esmi
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    Posted 2 years ago #

    Try hiring someone via http://jobs.wordpress.net/

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