[resolved] Can someone help me understand how the search feature works? (1 post)

  1. Kyle Jennings
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Ok, Ive reworded my question so I think it makes more sense:

    Im learning how to make my own WP themes and also PHP in general but I dont get the search feature.

    Im using query_posts to filter custom fields using a custom search form Im creating (its just like, check boxes and drop downs) but I dont know how to submit the search.

    I used firebug to look at the search form from the default template and it looks like the form's action calls the main post page. So what is search.php used for? How do I use and call search.php?

    This site says to create a page, then put the loop (or modified loop) but that doesnt work. Ive already tried it several different ways and it doesnt pull the posts. I think its from an older version of WP.

    This tutorial says to create the page manually (which I have) BUT I dont know how to access the page! I put it in my theme folder, but I cant directly link to it, if I type in /wordpress/search.php I get 404ed

    I just need <form method="get" action="SOMETHING"> to be pointed to my search page and get it to actually pull the contents from the loop.

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