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  • I downloaded the files for the “desert theme” , customized the graphics to more reflect me and sent my blog live several weeks ago. All was working perfectly, the site was displaying fine in both firefox (which I use) and IE. Then, all of a sudden this week there are problems. In FF the bg for the content section, as well as the entire sidebar (content and all) are missing. Also the content tables aren’t wide enough and cutting off the text in the posts. In IE I have the same table width issue, the bg’s ARE displaying but the contents of my sidebar are at the bottom of the page instead of the top.

    I have not been into or touched my code since I set it up and sent it live, I’ve only posted blogs and pages. I have no clue a-how it happened or b-how to fix it. Can someone help? I’d be much appreciative.

    The blog in question is at


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  • There seems to be a lot of redundant <div align="left"></div> stuff in your most recent post. Cleaning up the html source of that post should fix the problems.

    At first glance, I found several glitches in the style.css file. First, all url must be between apsotrophes like url(‘link/to/file.gif’). Many are missing, you put url(link/to/file.gif) instead.

    Second, there is a bug. One parameters is missing: font-weight: ; (line 172, 343, 405, 428, 542) You should put something or erase this line.

    My advice, upload again your style sheet (you have a backup in your computer, haven’t you?)

    Thanks folks. I didn’t even TOUCH the code. All I did was open each image from the temp. I dl’d in photoshop, redid my own graphics in the same parameters, and named them the same as the originals. I’ll try those two suggestions and hope it works. I really do appreciate it!


    That did the trick…thanks again!

    Not to argue with success, but the single quotes are NOT required for urls in CSS.

    See, for example, the CSS for this very page:

    body { background: url(cool-fade.gif) #fff repeat-x;

    It was likely cleaning up extraneous HTML tags that fixed the issue.

    Sorry JD…I should’ve been clearer. I didn’t touch the css…all I did was delete the extra div tags and it went back to working.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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