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  • Hey guys,

    Thanks for helping me in the first way 😉
    I have a problem on my blog:
    I can’t use embed players from youtube, google video, metacafe, etc etc… on my website.

    But it did work when I had the old files. Does somebody know where I can get the old WP files? for my database and such??
    Or help me with an awnser to the embed video on my blog? Because, my blog is all about videos :S

    Thank you very much!

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  • google for wordpress plugins that do this – there are many

    No, thats not it. There is something that makes my blog crash when I put any embed code in it. I just need the older WP blog files, But I don’t know what version it is. So I can’t google it :S


    The “old files” for what? WP 2.5.1 (you’re on that one), an older WP, plugin files, your database content?

    I just want to downgrade the version of my blog. Like, before they made the admin panel chance. But I don’t know what version that was.

    Can someone tell me?

    Thanks again 😉

    The release archive is located at

    Be advised that downgrading is not a good idea for security reasons. The only versions currently supported are the 2.5 branch and the Legacy 2.0 Branch of which 2.0.11 is the latest.

    so, What can I do to fix this? I really need some help with this. I want to add some new movies to my blog, but it is just NOT possible :'(

    Plz help

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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