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  • I have WordPress 1.3 alpha-5 installed ….
    I’ve been doing a lot of reading and have only come across bits and pieces regarding the use of the “page.php” feature – but sometimes I think my mind has retired at times as well because I’m having some difficulty grasping the whole concept regarding the need or use of pages.
    As I understand, pages are new to version 1.3 – can someone explain the purpose of using pages vs writing posts ? – what are the differences between the two? – are they kind of similar to each other or totally different from each other ?
    What would a person use pages for – a few examples would be nice – and how does a page integrate itself into the blog as a whole – what is it’s relationship or it’s reason for being ?

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  • These are for content that won’t likely change much and does not need to be dynamically generated. For example, you may want a page like “About Me” or something similar. You can then build more of a total site versus just a plain blog. Also, the content is not held in the database like a post. It’s “static” in nature and simply belongs to the page in which it was created.
    I am working on a site for a ski hill that will have the dynamic component of a blog and these pages for things like information on the services available at the lodge, a page on things like ski passes, and equipment rentals, lessons, youth ski programs and so on. Some pages will even be devoted to sponsors as this is a community-run ski hill and depends heavily on volunteers.
    Hope this helps.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    To add – ‘pages’ came about in part because of many many requests here for people to be able to make ‘static’ pages / content so that their blog formatting – the ‘look’ – was consistent.
    It was asked for a lot – and still is.

    Thanks everyone – it’s starting to make sense now
    And special thanks to nuclearmoose for the fine example of how one would use a page feature in a site – very clear and in layman’s terms – just what a newbie looks for in an answer
    I also appreciate the quick replies.

    I guess now we need a plugin to allow for php code in these Pages!

    anatman – done! Run PHP Plugin.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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