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  • Plugin Author Christian Wach


    I’m no sure what more I can add to the plugin description. Activity items in subgroups become visible in the streams of parent groups. That’s all it does.

    It’s useful in situations where, say, you’ve got hierarchically organised groups for “region”, “town” and “neighbourhood” – then the “town” groups will show all activity from all the neighbourhood groups beneath them – and the “region” groups will show activity from all the town groups beneath them.

    Are you stuck with something specific?

    gotcha. sorry, i was running on empty from working all night trying to figure something else out, that i maybe didn’t have enough brain cells working to fully understand the plugin. 😉

    just tested it. it works!

    thank you

    Plugin Author Christian Wach



    i’d say it does. i.e., i setup a sports group with sub-groups below it. now if anyone goes to the main group, sports, all activity from each group shows on the main activity page! cool. 🙂

    by chance, since i’m somewhat new to wp and all, do u have favorites list of bp plugins? if not, that’s fine.

    Plugin Author Christian Wach


    It’s worth having a look at Commons in a Box to see what they bundle:


    hey christian,
    it’s funny u say that, i just setup bp using the berlin theme, the same guys who developed the engine for commons in a box, presscrew. i was going to go with c in a b, however i kinda liked the layout of the berlin theme a little more.

    re the plugins, i’m using most of those already, i’m just getting overwhelmed since there’s a lot of plugins available but many aren’t working even though they say that they do.

    anyways, appreciate the feedback, and thanks for taking the time to offer ur plugin to everyone.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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